Help your UX team become more accurate and predictable in UX estimation.

In UX Leadership, cross-functional collaboration is more critical than ever. Orchestrating UX research and design usually requires some level of Time estimation necessary for communication across teams. Over the years, I have noticed how typical UX Deliverables such as user research, persona creation, journey mapping, wireframes, and prototypes are required for almost all projects. Often, UX Teams are asked by our Scrum Masters, Product Managers, and Project Managers to estimate the Time it will take to complete these deliverables. It’s their job to factor UX estimations into a much larger schedule or roadmap. I have also come to find that…

What I learned after six months of customer co-creation.

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I accepted a position with an innovation team set on the customer co-creation path. Being the UX Lead on this team was like a dream come true! My job was to research, design, and create new products, services, and business models. I got to be at the tip of the spear. I considered myself and the team to be brave explorers. Charting the uncharted, boldly going where no one had gone before. These are the voyages….anyway. It was shiny and bright; I was stoked!

In the beginning, we strategized about our way of working (our process), we borrowed from Strategyzer

Level up and scale predictability to the UX portfolio

Fingers pointing to the words UX Portfolio.
Fingers pointing to the words UX Portfolio.

Thanks for tuning in to “If the shoe fits: A story of Relative Sizing for UX.” I sincerely hope the article proved valuable and provided actionable steps to take in your pursuit of UX predictability. Are you ready to build upon what you’ve learned with relative sizing and unpack the power of the UX portfolio? You are in the right place … this article walks you through a portfolio level estimation system using the data from relative sizing and applying another useful Agile method of points. …

Emily Femmer

I am a UX Catalyst; I Vision, Action, and Iterate rapidly. I am user-obsessed and skilled in the orchestration of Design Ops, User Research, and UX Design.

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